Planting base in Africa
Planting base in Africa continues to MPT's legacy to deliver innovative medicines that address unmet needs and has a profound impact on people¡¯s lives around the world.
More than 300 employees consisting MPT plantations in Africa business.
What Makes Us Unique
With a well-balanced and diversified portfolio, the Emerging Markets business is driven with clear strategic choices in mind, and begins with establishing the ¡°right footprint¡± of MPT innovation. Over the past five years, 15 new molecular entities (NMEs) have been launched in emerging markets. The Emerging Markets business area is experiencing a higher underlying growth as MPT brings much needed Medicinal Plants supplements to these countries. These factors combined will bring forth a significant share of global market growth.
Our Focus
China is the highest priority geography in MPT emerging markets, followed by the ¡®Five Focus¡¯ Markets of Korea, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and Mexico. In addition, there are significant opportunities in other markets in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia where selective investment will occur.
We will build MPT's business for tomorrow, today.
MPT¡¯s Emerging Markets business is building for tomorrow by serving the unique needs of itsshoppers today. This can only be accomplished by understanding what our customers truly value and providing exceptional customer experiences, every day. Emerging Markets is committed to be a strong advocate for shoppers and to deliver the best possible customer experiences.

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